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Here's some easy tips on how to look after your new succulent babies.

Succulents Love Sunlight

If I’m going to live outside, please make sure I'm in the full sun or part shade. If I’m going to live inside, please keep me close to a window with bright light.

Use a Well Draining Soil & Pot

I don’t like to sit in wet soil, so please make sure my soil is able to dry out quickly. This means my pot needs to have drainage holes so that I don’t absorb too much water.

Water Deeply

I do need water to grow & thrive. If you limit my water, you will limit my growth. I like to be watered deeply to help my roots to grow, but please make sure I dry out completely before you water me again.

Give me a Haircut, Occasionally..

To keep a full, tight and compact appearance, give me a light trim occasionally to stimulate new growth

roots to grow.

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